Live/Recorded Video & Audio

Analyzed & Moderated

Cut through the noise to see what's worth your attention
Protect against harmful content


Advanced Machine Learning Technology

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Intelligence as a service

Cognitive data & analysis

Real-time threat notification

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Trust & safety assurance

Regulatory compliance

Brand risk reduction


  • STOP DISINFORMATION BEFORE IT SPREADS by getting ahead of threats, detecting violations faster and taking action with actionable insights
  • LIVE CRISIS RESPONSE helps prevent cognitive manipulation and enables you to inoculate citizens from malicious content
  • FLAG HARMFUL CONTENT by tracking hate speech and incitement to violence, deliver real-time alerts to ensure regulatory compliance
  • MULTI-TRACK LIVE AND OFFLINE automated audio transcription and analysis with journalist-in-the-loop intervention as needed
  • SCALABLE, AUTOMATED LIVE AUDIO MINING and analysis using machine learning models. Vocabularies evolve for increased precision
  • REAL-TIME MONITORING provides timely alerts with actionable analytics, allowing decision makers to identify and track emerging campaigns